Past Projects

Past Projects

Recent programs with Mofoe and guest artists 2004
A few workshops with the full folk ensemble and a great presentation with Juma Santos

Agassi School 2003
Gallery 37 Connections Program

This summer program ended with a great musical presentation of Lukumi tales and dances. We worked with autistic children ranging 9-15 years old.They created a textile piece depicting West Afican stories and their characters using beading, sequin and other materials. This group of about 25 kids delivered a great final performnace blowing away parents, teachers and anyone who caught a glimpse…

Christopher School 2002
Gallery 37 Connections Program

This program was offered to 4th and 5th graders including physically and/or mentaly disabiled students. They learned about the history of Afro-caribbean music and its instrumentation, and worked on some pretty complex rhythms. The students performed with the Mofoe ensemble, recorded a couple of tracks in a professional studio, and had a great final performance at Chicago’s Cultural Center.

Mofoe Folk Ensemble Bembe at Che Luis Gallery 2002.

Ceremonial Toque for Shango and Yemaya

This was a drum celebration for Shango and Yemeya. An altar was constructed in the Lucumi tradition with elements atributes from the Orisha system. Everyone participated in the dancing singing and feasting; there was a lot of great food brought over.

HAS Drum Workshop 2002 with at risk youth.

Drumming and instrument making workshop at social service center with teens. Lots of music making, words flowing and booming creativity.


We offered a four week program focusing on the African religous influences on Caribbean music. High school students where exposed to the spiritual mix of West African and Catholic beliefs found in the Caribbean. They learned Puerto Rican and Cuban songs about Elegua, one of the most revered West African deities. Some students added rap and phrasing to the traditional songs we were performing


This was the second year at this residential facility for recovering substance abusers. HAS was very supportive of our programs and helped us make a difference in this community. We offered a 16 week program focusing on Afro-Caribbean folk music and instrument making. We made wood drums known as “Cajon”, tin can bongos, and wood blocks. Participants learned the Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena rhythms; for some this was a reintroduction to a music that is part of their heritage. They added their own lyrics and helped in the composition process.


This program was offered at a residential facility for recovering substance abusers. We offered a 16 week program focusing on Afro-Caribbean folk music and instrument making. We made tongue drums, wooden claves, and tin can bongos. They learned about the Rumba traditions of Cuba and added their own elements to the compositions. They even got to participate in a Cuban/Lucumi dance class taught by Chiqui, a well known folkloric dancer of Cuba

El Rincon Instrument and Rhythm workshops 1999

Here I worked with recovering heroin addicts at the Rincon methadone clinc.Patients take their dose and want to be on their way. It was a challenge in the beginning to have people stick around for the music, but after a couple of sessions we got a group of about 10 participants that completed the 12 week program succesfully. It was a blessing to see how music helped them re-establish a life whithout drugs. Some are still playing music, and three of them succesfully got off methadone.