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Workshops Songs

Gallery 37 Workshop at Christopher School 2002:
Kid-Legba song (1.3 megs)

HAS Workshop 2001:
Recuperacion Uno (4.5 megs)
HAS Workshop 2000:
The Chosen One (7 megs)

MoFoE Folk Ensemble

Christopher School Gymnasium 2002
Merengue (5.1 megs)
Kalunga (5.9 megs)
Toque para Shango y Yemaya at Che Luis Gallery 2001
Ebioso for Shango
Afrekete for Yemaya

Live at No Friction Cafe (30 megs – large file!)
Mofoe’s most recent live recording (Fall 2002)
Congo Square Ensemble (with MoFoE):
Mofoe_Congo (8 megs)
Bells, drums, a virtual street parade