Drum and Percussion Instructors

Charly Barbera

Afro-Carribean percussion, Afro-Cuban rhythms, clave, guiro, congas, bata, shekere, singing, dance
Lectures in Ethnomusicology

Jeni Swerdlow
West African Percussion, Djun-djun, jembe, bell, singing
Drum Circles and facilitation

Mike Smith
Middle Eastern percussion, tabl, quacaba, darbuka, dumbek, zils
Clave patterns: son and rhumba, as well as Bomba, Bembe and other clave, bell and shaker parts
Trombone, music theory and jazz theory

Arturo Aravicg
Spanish and English translation and interpretation for musical programs
Teaching Ethnomusicology and Afro-Latin Musical techniques in percussion and vocals

Bonbonfera Tim Keenan
History of Drum Set, Jazz Drumming, Drum Set Instruction, West African rhythms for drum set
Djembe and Dundun drumming
Drum maintanance and repair