About Manigua

About Manigua Drum and Music Therapy

Since ancient times, many cultures have valued Drumming and music for more than their artistic value. Drumming has been the channel through which mortals communicate with their ancestors and gods. They hear beyond the rhythms, listening for messages of guidance and wisdom from higher powers. Rhythms are also used for healing illness and the spirit; the drummer prescribing rhythms according to the malady. It has taken the western world some time to realize the potential of music from cultures it labels as primitive.

Our society has not been completely successful in dealing with problems such as drug addiction, gangs and domestic violence. It is difficult to find recovery programs with positive alternatives. Being a drummer I have experienced the expressive and healing power of music; I’ve seen people of all ages and backgrounds benefit from rhythmic interplay and achieve positive results. Music motivates us to move forward and elevates us to realsm of assurance and joy. It can help seniors who are lonely, teenagers trying to keep out trouble, and those who suffer from addiction, depression, or stress. In many cultures, musicians are not allowed to continue learning their art unless they contribute to the healing of their communities. We realize that it is our responsibility to share these tools that can aid recovery with others. Not only do participants benefit from these workshops, but also their family, friends,teachers and counselors. The community creates alternatives to substance abuse and other maladies that brings them together and establishes a common ground and language they can all relate to.

These drum workshops revive a tradition that’s part of many cultures: where anyone can participate in making music through rhythms and words that speak of their issues and concerns…healing the individual as well as the collective.

Drumming brings peace to the mind and soul. . . this program exposes abilities I never knew I had.
Gerald Truss, Participant

Drumming raises levels of self-esteem and helps promote unity in a therapeutic environment.
Richard Vargas, Program Director, Health Care Alternative Systems

As the beat of the heart lets us know one is alive, so does the beat of the drums tell us the people are alive.
An Afro-Antillean Soul