Programs and workshops promoting community awareness, social healing, and substance abuse recovery through music and the arts.

Manigua offers music programs suited to different environments, like schools, retirement communities, drug rehab centers, corporate camps and many other social programs and community gathering places.

Workshops focus on Afro-Caribbean music, North and West African percussion, and ceremonial music such as Palo, Bata, Bembe, Ijexa and Nawaqt.

We offer courses on dance, instrument making, storytelling, syncopation, and the musical history and traditions of various cultures.

Our instructors have lived and studied in Cuba, Dominican Republican, Morrocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Mexico, Ghana, Puerto Rico and others.

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MANIGUA (ma nee gwa): Areas of flora and fauna where spirits reside and work the healing power of herbs; a point of contact between the organic and spirit world.

NEW (March 2004):

Sound files for download

New Cajons, claves, and wood gongs (blocks) for sale